There are a few signs that you should take into consideration when you want to make a move. Luck plays an important role, but it also happens that if you know how to play the game, to win it almost every time. You should get to recognize the hints and to create your own opportunities. Women struggle with a lot of things when it comes to meeting up with a new guy. The struggle with the fear of rejection, sexual shame and even shyness and also anxiety.


    There are a few hints that a woman will always show to you. Women show that they want to talk with you by using approach invitations. They make eye contact with you and they smile at you from across the room. They also touch you when she is passing by. When you notice this, you should accept this flirt and try to return it.


    Flirting can be done both physically and verbally. If she touches your arm, you should return the physical contact and work your way toward high level touches. When she gets close to your face and she looks in your eyes, than this may be a sign that she wants you to kiss her. This is the perfect time to do this. Another sign that she gives you is when she decides to play with your hair. When she does this, you can pull her closer for a kiss. If she lets you to touch her in her intimate spots, this is a sign that she want a kiss.


    If a girl expresses that she would like to see you again, than this sign is one that you should take into consideration. When a girl informs you her free schedule or asks about yours, she wants alone time with you. You should make up plans to meet with her. If she invites you in her bed, this is the time to move towards sex. Do not just cuddle with her all night. If she waits or delays leaving before saying goodbye, you should go for a kiss. Another sign is when she asks for intimate questions or when she talks about anything sexual. From this moment on, you can continue with some deeper and more sexual topics or simply kiss her. You shouldn`t obsess over getting the perfect opportunity and just go for that kiss and you will see that she will like it.






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    Oh God. If I was a porn directeur I would had so many ideas. A lot of role playing and acting and a lot of vision. You guys can do so much improvement in you industry. The Egyptian industry isn’t that developed but this is because there is no one to take good care of it.


    Egyptians and pornFirst of all, you have so many Gods and personalities you could you for Christ’s sake. Do you know what I am imagining? Cleopatra and Antonio. Ra and Isis. Anubis and Hathor. You guys could develop your industry simply by making role plays. This is something that could be exploited into something really beneficial for role play lovers. Especially that everyone know your culture and who hasn’t heard about The Pyramids of Gizeh? Which by the way can be an amazing set for an adult movie, just saying.


    The beauty of the pyramids and the authenticity of your culture can be a good start for you in porn industry. Egypt has very basic xnxx movies which look like home made movies that don’t appeal many people. But I believe that by creating a scene between Cleopatra and Antonio in which he comes to her, she screams at him and he reduces her to silence by giving it to her hard you can grow pretty fast into the world’s competition of best adult movies.


    There are a lot of people into role playing and I have to admit I am one of them. More to it is that besides the role playing you can create a story between those two before de sex begins and believe me, this is a turn on for many people. The hot scenes, the grabbing, the touching and mostly a little bit of force, these are going to spice up the movie and develop your porn industry.


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  • Even if for many of us porn films don't seem the most heavy productions, we need to know that things are not as we see them on the surface. There are so many things that are not exactly pleasant in this industry, some of them have been told by some actors or even directors. Even if it seems, in the back of a porn film stand an entire team of writers, directors, assistants of the plateau, and the list can continue with the same kind of person who deals with certain things to get a movie porn of the exception. Actors are, however, those less pasuiti, and all things less beautiful are drawn to them. That's right, earn a lot of money to each of them, but the aches and pains incurred are as.

    The 3 things less beautiful that can't be seen, but which exists in the porn industry:

    1. The pain of the actors
    For women, at least, some shots are true torment. They are put to a hard test because they are more pasonati the porn industry that they have some scenes less common in the head, and for that, the actors need to comply with. For example, in a lot of porn with oral sex you can observe the grimaces of the pain of women.

    2. Pills or substances consumed by the actors male
    To withstand some of the parties long over 30-40 minutes, most of the actors consume the kinds of substances by potency. Of course, these treatments have adverse effects and are not just the best for the health of those involved in the porn industry.


    3. The actors must be very good
    And when I say very good, I don't just mean their physical condition, but also to acting. Most of the times, the pleasure is exceeded by those who do this for a long time, and in these cases, they have to pretend and look more credible to those who follow.

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